The Quest to Explore is on!

Gather clues
While exploring your environment
And completing puzzles
To play the game
…you’ve just done Puzzliq!

Puzzliq, puzzle hunt
Puzzliq is an interactive puzzle hunt that you complete in a quest to explore – right from your smart phone or tablet. Tour a city or tourist destination through a series of clues you put together to navigate the way and solve a puzzle. It’s a great way to explore a new location – or a fun activity to do in a place you’re already familiar with.

With Puzzliq you don’t just search for items on a list as with a traditional scavenger hunt. Your quest involves gathering clues and solving mini “Puzzlets” that provide the pieces to solve an Ultimate Quest and finish the game. While searching for clues and working your way towards the finish, you’ll learn more about your destination in a way that challenges your brain and most of all, is FUN!

It’s a better way to explore because Puzzliq is:

  • Interactive, as your whole group participates in a little friendly competition
  • Challenging but adaptable to various skill levels
  • Easy to access from any mobile device
Begin your quest today!