How We Began

We’re your typical family who enjoys traveling to new places and having our kids learn about history and geography in the process. What makes us less typical is that we like to use puzzles to make a fun adventure out of each new exploration!

It all started a few years back, when Bob, the “Puzzle Master” of our family, decided to create a puzzle-type game for one of our kid’s birthday parties. The kids had so much fun exploring while playing the game that Bob created additional puzzles for our family to do around our hometown of Winston-Salem, North Carolina – just for fun.Puzzliq
Over time, we began to consider that if we enjoyed doing the puzzles so much, others might too. As smart phones and tablets evolved, our idea grew from a paper-based puzzle to an electronic version. Eventually, we decided as a family that we had an idea worth pursuing as a business venture.

What Makes Puzzliq Different

To be honest, we designed our puzzle hunt to be different from other scavenger hunt or quests because of…the puzzles! We wanted to provide an experience that wasn’t simply a way to get from point A to B by answering a basic question. The clues in Puzzliq will make you think and the puzzlets will be fun and just challenging enough to generate excitement as you solve them.

When developing our concept, we wanted Puzzliq to have two phases, where solving our mini puzzles provided the key to solving a master puzzle and finishing the game. Bottom line: we wanted the Puzzliq experience to build on itself so that by the end, players felt a great sense of accomplishment!


Aside from being the Puzzle Master, owner Bob Kraft has a B.S. in Engineering Physics from Rensselaer as well as a PhD in Nuclear Engineering from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). PuzzliqBob has served as both a professor and researcher within his long career in the university system. Bob’s inquisitive nature and desire to learn about new things makes him the perfect innovator.

Co-owner, Betsy Kraft, obtained her B.A. in Math and Physics from Ithaca College and her Masters in Industrial and Management Engineering from Rensselaer, where she and Bob met. Puzzliq is not the first business Betsy has owned. For six years, she ran a supplemental business for their family, which grew her entrepreneurial spirit. As well, Betsy worked at the Wake Forest Babcock Demon Incubator for two years.

Where We’re Going

Locations – cities, resorts, cruise ships…any place you could have a quest!

Technology – augmented reality, phone alerts to give you clues, images that “come to life” on the screen

Competition – leader boards, team competitions and more!

We feel like the sky is the limit for Puzzliq!