Getting started with Puzzliq is easy

all it takes is a smartphone or tablet and cellular access to our website.

Step One:

Select your destination from our available puzzles. Don’t see the destination you want? Check back, as our available puzzles changes often!

Step Two:

Purchase your destination using your smartphone or tablet. Set up login information, pay online, and your game will open up automatically.

Step Three:

Begin playing by selecting the starting location of your first puzzle!

Each game will have five possible starting locations. Players will view a map from their mobile device, choose a location and complete all of the puzzlets in that location. After finishing the puzzlets of one location, they will select another location from the map.

Hints are built in along the way that players can use if they need a little help to solve a puzzlet and move forward in the game. After completing three of the five locations, players will have gathered enough information to help them solve the ultimate quest.


Playing the game continuously, most people can finish within 2-3 hours.
The cost is a flat fee of $45 per access to a mobile device for one game. There will be a multi-game discount for purchasing games for more than one destination.
Yes! At the time of purchase, one mobile device will be set up as the main device but additional devices can be added at no extra cost.
Your group of players can be whatever size you like. However, viewing our game from one mobile device may be difficult with more than about four people. So as mentioned above, larger groups may prefer add on multiple devices to play.
While families are encouraged to play our game together, the puzzles are probably too complex for children under the age of 12. However, younger children can certainly enjoy the exploration and contribute to gathering clues!
Yes. Locations will be selected by the users of the main device. All the mobile devices that are playing the game see this same screen, so playing as a group rather than individually makes the most sense.
After logging in to our website and purchasing your Puzzliq, the game will begin automatically. If you get logged out for some reason, all you’ll have to do is login again to pick up where you left off.
No. Each game is designed to have multiple paths to solving the ultimate quest. Since players choose where they start and where they go next, not everyone who plays the game will complete the same locations. However, Puzzliq is designed so that completing at least three of five locations will provide players with enough clues to solve the ultimate quest.
Yes. Need to take a break for lunch or finish up the next day? Not a problem. Puzzliq is not time sensitive – you can play the game over as many days as you like, spending as little or much time as you want.
As long as a phone or tablet has Internet access through a cellular service provider, Puzzliq should work. If a mobile device can only access the Internet while in a Wi-Fi hotspot, Puzzliq will not work.